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Bulk Homemade Biscuits & Rusks Suppliers

Are you looking to buy homemade South African Rusks & Biscuits in bulk for your café or business? Then look no further than Mamamac's!
Mamamac's manufactures biscuits using traditional family recipes and high-quality ingredients, without any added preservatives. Each biscuit is hand-rolled and cut, which is quite impressive to witness. We believe that this extra attention to detail is what results in the delicious textures and flavours that our partners love.
Mamamac's provides wholesale quantities of delightful, homemade-style rusks. These delicious rusks are perfect for a delightful breakfast or snack and can be savoured alongside a cup of coffee or tea.
Biscuits Rusks  Gift Boxes
Each and every Mamamac’s biscuit is made from traditional, family recipes, quality ingredients and no added preservatives. Rusks are a traditional South African breakfast or snack and at Mamamac’s we have perfected these family recipes handed down through the generations.  Looking for a quick, easy (and delicious!) gift? Look no further! Our new premium gifting collection has 'treat yourself' written all over them

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About Mamamacs

Mamamac's is a small business located in Prince Alfred's Hamlet, just 10km away from Ceres. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying high-quality and delicious goods that are greatly loved by our partners. Our recipes have been perfected over time and are family favourites. Our biscuits are made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

Mamamac's is a small bakery with a big heart. Our team, who pour their hearts and hands into every biscuit and rusk, is at the core of what we do. We aim to make a sustainable impact on our community. Our staff, many of whom have dedicated ten or more years to the bakery, share our pride and passion for our baked goods.

We have received FSA certification thanks to the support and dedication of our team. This certification ensures that our production, packaging, and distribution processes meet rigorous food safety standards that benefit our customers and employees.

We appreciate your support for our business and our vision. Our passion for what we do and our team is evident in how we share every detail with you, down to the last crumb. Thank you.